RULES: Airsoft



• GOGGLES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES OUTSIDE THE REGISTRATION & PARKING LOT AREAS. 18 and older are permitted full seal, ANSI Z87 rated goggles. Face covering is required for all participants. 18 and younger are required full, unmodified paintball face mask.

• NO PHYSICAL CONTACT. You cannot touch another player (no hostages, interrogations, kidnapping, etc). This will result in immediate eject with no chance for returning in the future. NPC will be used, but rules will be explained prior to the game.

• IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, AVOID SHOOTING AT THE HEAD OR NECK. We realize sometimes that is all that is available, but please be courteous to your fellow player . No executions, please.

• NO BLIND SHOOTING. Always be aware of where you are shooting. You may NOT stick your replica around a tree or over a log or barricade, etc. and blindly shoot at an opponent. If you cannot see where you are shooting, you are blind shooting.

• NO POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS GEAR. Knives, trip wire, firearms, explosives, incendiaries, etc. Smoke grenades or other pyrotechnic is not permitted except by OXHatfield staff, or staff approved players. Lock up the toys in your car.

• NO SMOKING. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS. Even if you offer to share.

• NO VERBAL ABUSE, OR FOUL LANGUAGE such as slurs against anyone’s race, color, religion or parents. There are younger people here and this is a family venue.


• AVOID FIELD HAZARDS. You are playing in the woods. Trees don’t move much when you head-butt or face-plant into them. Watch where you are running. be aware of your surroundings at ALL times structures are on the field.

• PROPS. Please do not tamper, intentionally over shoot, damage, throw, or otherwise cause harm to props. Most games will instruct you how to use these effectively.


• MUST BE 10 YEARS OR OLDER TO PLAY OR BE ON FIELD! Under 18 must have an up to date waiver on file at the Pro Shop with a parent/guardians signature and a contact number for the parent/guardian.

• DO NOT LEAVE ANY EQUIPMENT UNATTENDED! Players will be held responsible for their own equipment. OXH will not be held liable for lost or stolen equipment.

• ON FIELD REFS HAVE THE FINAL WORD! If you have any questions/problems with what happens on field we encourage you to contact management.

• DEAD PLAYERS DO NOT TALK! If you are dead, you are not to talk to another player. Keep the game fair for everyone. Once you are back in play, you can squeal to your hearts desire.

• KEEP YOUR GOGGLES ON! Make sure the seal remains tight against your face! DO NOT lift them while playing! Safety is our number one priority. Please do not removed your goggles for any reason, including not being able to see. If you cannot see, call for a ref and we will take you to a safe area.

• GAME TIME! Games will vary in length of time, scenario, type, and challenges. Various props and special characters will be used throughout the day. Please pay special attention to the briefing before each game to understand the rules of that particular game. There will be a ten minute break between each set to reload, rehydrate, and prepare for the next game.

• CHRONO. The chrono will close at the time of the safety brief. At this time you will not be able to chrono until the break from the first session. If you would like to play in the first session, please arrive on time to get your guns chronoed. Ref do carry pocket chronos and will spot check players. When you step to the chrono please be ready to fire to move the lines quicker.

• GUNS. No gun is permitted on the field without the identifying zip tie from chronoing that day. The colors of the zip ties will change from each day of play. Persons entering the field with a non marked gun will be asked to leave the field. All guns are to have an approved barrel bag, which are required when not in the playing area, and mag removed when not on the field. Pistols must be holstered with the mags out. There is to be no firing in the parking lot. If test firing is needed, please do so in the chrono area. Barrel bags are available for sale at the Pro Shop.

Field / Outdoors — Field speeds are 400 FPS with a .20g bb (375/.25g) and below. You are permitted to use a CQB gun for field games.

Sniper / DMR — Sniper speeds are 500 FPS with a .20g bb (445/.36g or 400 .43g). Snipers will have to qualify to use this high FPS. Sniper speeds are limited to rifles that permanently fire semi-auto and bolt action rifles only.

Replicas will be chronoed each and every time you come to OXHatfield. Replicas will be marked with ever changing color coded zip ties. No replica is permitted on field without being chronoed and zip-tied. Staff will be spot checking players at random throughout the day

The bang rule is clearly defined as having the clear advantage over a unknowing player within 15 feet. This is a courtesy elimination. Once a player has been ‘banged’ they are out with no contest. You may not charge and come over the top of a bunker.

Smoke Grenades
Tactical Smoke, LLC. “Tactical” and “Battlefield” & Enola Gaye Pull-Pin Smoke Grenades are permitted for use. No other smoke grenades are permitted!

You must notify a ref on the field prior to using a smoke grenade so we can monitor the grenade while in use.

Do not pick up any smoke grenade either while they are burning or after they are done. They are hot!

Smoke grenades are not to be thrown directly at players.

Do not throw inside any buildings or structures.

And type of grenade with a metal housing is not permitted!

Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase/use smoke grenades

We reserve the right no to use smoke grenades based on weather conditions.