We are also open every Saturday and Sunday for Walk-on Paintball play from 9am-4pm

There is NO Walk-on play on Oct. 28th due to Splat-o-ween event, April 16th (Easter), and we are closed on Christmas Eve Dec. 24th.

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Splat-O-Ween XII - Shadow Legacy of the VENDETTA

    Outdoor Xtreme Hatfield, PA

    In the 2030's, the world is plagued by environmental blight and the United Kingdom is ruled by a totalitarian government under the fascist NORSEFIRE party. Millions have died from the St. Mary’s Virus. Civil unrest has followed the death of one man who chose to speak for the common man. “V” the vigilante was born from years of torture and experimentation on the part of the government. His final overture was waking the consciousness of the people. He died a martyr for the cause he helped champion. However his legacy was destined to continue.

    Following the destruction of the House of Lords the “DeVotees of V” was born. Seeing the truth behind the lies of NORSEFIRE, Eric Finch and Evey Hammond take the helm of the new order, giving many faith in a better future for all mankind. Finch now dons the mask, bringing hope to millions suffering after WWIII and the purge by NORSEFIRE. Civil disobedience and minor attacks have brought about a great unrest. Things are at a tipping point, and the Civil War is about the begin...

    Choose your Side:


    BLUE – “DeVotees of V”

    Time Line

    7am - registration opens

    9am - game briefing

    10am - morning session begins

    12:30pm - morning session ends

    12:30-1:30 - lunch break/grudge match and raffles

    1:30pm - afternoon session begins

    4pm - afternoon session ends

    4:15 - final battle briefing

    4:30- final battle begins

    5pm - awards